How to stimulate the economy

I was reading this thread on Hacker News today and it brought me to a great revelation:

So the basic idea is this.

A lot of Republicans believe reducing taxes on businesses will stimulate the economy and promote growth.

But as a self-employed “business owner” myself, there is really only two things that makes me want to go back to a regular job: Health Care and Retirement.

In fact, the only time my wife and I seriously discuss me leaving my business venture behind is when we argue about how to provide healthcare for us, and any future kids we may have.

We also stress a lot about how to save for retirement.

As Jon Stewart suggested, in my case, if there were better safety nets, it would definitely allow me to extend my business desires.

What about cutting taxes? Honestly, the huge tax bill I pay has never bothered me or hindered my entrepreneurial spirit. Besides, a tax cut would only benefit me if my business was making a ton of money. But if I was making a ton of money, that’s a good thing, why would I worry about my tax bill?

However, if the opposite happens, and my business fails. Not having healthcare would surely hurt. That’s why I worry about it a lot more.