I am running for Congress

Watching all these political ads and debates made me realize that the only way we’re going to fix our political system is if I run for Congress and try to fix it myself. Of course there is a chance I would fail spectacularly, but I can almost guarantee you I can not be any worse than the clowns we have representing us now.

For example, in the Republican party, we have people like Todd Akin and Richard Mourdock making asinine statements about rape. Then in the Democratic Party, we have people like Jesse Jackson Jr, who has been absent without notice for months. (Honestly, these are not even the worse problems, I am just giving these as examples because they are easy to cite. Trust me, there is a mountain of worst things to discuss if we really wanted to go there.)

But getting to Washington would not be easy for me:

1) The very first people to oppose my congressional run would probably be my friends and most certainly my wife. They would say that I lack empathy, is extremely partisan, and unapologetically condescending.

2) My blog — yup. I have written way too many controversial things here and else where. A congressional race against me would mean negative ads galore.

But despite all that, if I had enough money to not have to work anymore, I would definitely run for two reasons:

1) People smarter and more diplomatic than me are not participating in politics. I don’t know why they are not. Perhaps they are intimidated by all the yelling, been tricked into believing that their ideas are not as good, or they have simply given up.

2) Yes I have crazy ideas, and is generally condescending, but there is ONE issue that is important to us all, and goes beyond any disagreements that you may have with my politic: Campaign Finance Reform. I would spend my entire tenure in Congress doing everything I possibly can to bring awareness to this issue and help write laws to get money of our politics. If I am successful, someone more qualified and more diplomatic than me can come in and worry about all the other crap.