Why Did The Government Shut Down?

Why Did The Government Shut Down? The government shut down because Republicans in the House of Congress refused to pass a budget unless President Obama stop ObamaCare. Without a budget, people who are paid by the federal government, such as national parks employees, some members of the military, government workers responsible for processing passport applications, etc., will not be paid to work. Which means they will be forced to stay home without pay.

The Government Shut Down is a threat the Republican party uses to force President Obama to remove laws that they do not like. It is similar to an arsonist threatening to set a house on fire if we don’t give him exactly what he wants.

Why did this happen? This happened because the Republican members of our government do not want people to have cheap health care. They do not want people with current health problems like asthma and cancer to get the help they need. They believe people should find money to pay for their own health care otherwise they don’t deserve it.

Even though the cost of medicine will continue to go up, the Republicans do not care. They still think you should somehow find money to pay for it because they don’t care about your illness.