Gchat vs Hangout

I just found out that I can revert back to gchat, instead of using the new hangout. The new hangout sucks. Here is the comment I left for them in their feedback form.


This new Hangout replacement for Gchat is super bogus. Here is why

1) Why does hangout need to be in a popup when I am making a phone call? I love the seamlessness of the gchat and phone window.

2) In gchat phone calls, when you press a number on the dialpad, it makes a regular phone dialpad sound. In the hangout popup, pressing a button on the dialpad barely makes a noise. This is super hard to use when you are navigating complicated customer service menus. Please bring back the sound!

3) After I disconnect from a hangout phone call, there is no “redial” option. This is very necessary as hangout calls often gets dropped…

4) Hangout is not properly displaying the availability statuses of my contacts. I know of two contacts who are online, but does not turn green.

5) It is very difficult to tell who is online in Hangout. That little green bar on top of the chat window is hard to see.