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The other day I was given an opportunity to tour the work place. It was just a bunch of Asian guys sitting around in a dark room, in front of their giant computer screens. The perfect work place. It made me wonder why my friends and I did not do something like that. I was really impressed that a bunch of UCD grads like myself were able to do something like that.

Today I went to spotlight dance studio with Uyen. Dancing tango, romba, and some other weird stuff. If you are single and you want to meet a lady, you got to go ball room dancing. That’s where all the ladies be at. Yes you will look like an ass ballroom dancing, and you will probably step on a lot of toes, but just pretend like you are Casablanca and everything will be ok. You can also pretend to be a newbie and stuff and have the girls teach you. I think girls likes it when you act all vulnerable and embarrassed so it will work real good. I been FORCED to ballroom dance several times now. Every time I go I am a noob again. I like it that way because I am never expected to dance well. :wink:

Come to think of it, the first time Uyen really really really caught my eye was when I saw her at ballroom dancing. That day me and Ho came home from fishing and we smelled like shit and we were hella dirty and dressed like bums. But we went there anyways. When I walked in , I saw a really really really hot girl with a mini-skirt and a pink polo on. I thought she was hella hot and I wanted to dance with her. She was talking to a guy who looked buff and tall and handsome, so I was like, F-that I ain’t trippin. He may be buff, but I am an idiot that smelled like fish, so I am not scared!!! Turns out, that girl was Uyen. Luckily for me, that dude did not make a move fast enough. So before I knew it, I was dancing with her. How did I do it?? Like I said, I just came off as a bumbling fool and asked her to teach me. I remember we danced almost every song that night. I remember looking at her and thinking she was really really really hot. I told her I thought she was the prettiest girl in the room, and then she laughed and told me I was the best looking guy here. I found out later, she was lying to me that night. But whatever. I was serious when I told her that she was the prettiest girl in the room. She did not think much of it. In fact, at the end of that night, she ended up flirting with that one guy she was standing with in the beginning, and at the end they started dating.

When I asked her why, she told me it was because I dissed her that night. So what happened was, she asked to sit next to me at the restaurant we went to after dancing. I jokingly told her “no, I am saving this for another girl”. She said she was hurt so she refused to sit next to me. Then she started flirting with the other guy again. Personally, I think she’s dumb for thinking that I would diss her, but that’s just my opinion. :lol:

Anyways, in the end I was pretty heartbroken that night. I thought we really connected while dancing, because she seemed really into me during the dance. I came home and bitched about it to my friend Suzie for like a whole night. In the end things worked out ok, so its all good..

Moral of the story is, always act like a bumbling idiot, girls dig it. :) hahaha.. Oh yea, also, don’t tell girls you don’t want to sit next to them, apparently that really makes them mad. hahahahahah.