Reasons why I hate MySpace

Everyone hates myspace, at least smart people do. Yea, that means you are a dumbarse! Anyways, here are my list of reasons why I hate myspace.

1) Semantically bad web design – looks like crap, function like crap, color scheme is horrid.

2) Very little improvement ever happens – they never add any good features even though they are extremely popular. It’s almost like they are anti-innovation.

3) Spam – I am pretty popular on my space. Girls IM me and wants to be my friend. They call me stud muffin and post naughty pixs for me to look at. WTF? I know I am hot, but 10 girls in a one week is a bit unbelievable.

4) Commenting system is crap – People are allowed to post hedious pictures and music on other people’s profile. How annoying.

5) Hedious Ads Everywhere – You have to see like 100 ads just to do anything on myspace.

6) The TRUE dot COM Ads – I hate how they have video clips of girls laying in front of their laptops, half-dressed, licking lollipops. I do not need to be sexually stimulated every time I visit myspace!!!! I like to control my sexual urges to afternoon hours and during drunken furors.

The bigger they are, the harder they’ll fall. I have an idea that will make MySpace looks like shoe scum. Holla! :o