The evil of the internet

I was doing some research for this company I am interviewing for ReputationDefender, and I found this website that they are in battle with AutoAdmit. I am not sure what the point of AutoAdmit is, but it just seems like a horrible place. They claim to be a source for discussion about Ivy League schools, but the first couple of threads I read on there were about rape, racism, homophobia, and they even had posts from someone with the moniker of the VT shooter.

Apparently this site is very popular and is frequented by so called “ivy leaguer”, mostly law school students. But some of their discussions and comments make them sound like disgruntled high school students.

Its actually kind of scary to think that those people are really going to be lawyers. I hope that this site is a bunch of nothing more than hot air.

The other interesting angle of this story is how your “virtual reputation” can destroy your chances of getting a job. I think this in itself a load of crap. If an employer is stupid enough to not hire you because they found some information about you on Google, it’s probably not worth it to work for that company.

I have discussed this before, but I will say it again. If an employer find something incriminating about you on the net, they should at least ask you about it before rushing to judgment. Everyone knows that information found on the internet are not worth the pixels they appear on…