no room in here

That’s probably what we should say to each other before anyone goes off and have a baby. You know, I hear a lot of interesting topics discussed on NPR and it makes me wonder about a lot things. However, when it comes down to it, its always because there are more demands than there are supplies. The simple truth is, there are just too many people on this planet.

Now, I am not advocating abortion, all out war, or anything inhumane. I am just hinting at the obvious: if we stop reproducing so much, the world would be a much happier place.

Its weird though, it almost seems like the people who have the most babies, are the ones who cannot afford to feed their babies. I am not sure if its because they lack contraception, education, or maybe they just like the idea of reproducing, but whatever it is, that needs to be fixed immediately.

On the flip side, its not fair or humane to enforce restrictions of births. The other day I heard a story on NPR about the Chinese government forcing women to get abortion. The story was pretty terrifying. Basically, these women were forced into hospitals and their babies were literally killed and pulled out of them.

Its disheartening to hear such stories and it sounds so barbaric, yet, it really doesn’t make any sense either for people to have children they cannot feed. I guess if I really want to make this issue personal, I can say that my parents are at fault too. They had 3 kids, even though its pretty obvious that they can not afford to raise us.

In the future, I want to have kids of my own. At least 2, and at most 3. However, I will never have a child unless I know for sure I will always be able to feed and clothe them. They say it takes nearly half a million to raise a child from infant to 18yrs of age. I guess by that count, I need to be a millionaire if I want kids. :wink:

Anyways, I guess my point for this post is, its natural for humans to want kids. From an evolutionary point of view, it makes perfect sense to have kids, however, at some point, we must restraint ourselves and realize that there is just no more room on this planet.