The evolution of God

Today Clarissa asked me how is it that I am an “evolution and ecology” major, yet I believe in God. I think I have answered this question before in an order post, but I am going to re-visit my idea on the topic here just because my last post is not that interesting.

Anyways, God and Evolution. Most people, especially the Catholic church, would never use those two words in the same sentence. Unless its “God will send you to hell if you believe in evolution.” 8) If that’s the case, I am going to hell. But… before I fall into the fiery abyss, I would like to share my thoughts on what evolution is and how it relates, or don’t relate to God.

First off, evolution is science. When I studied evolution in school, I learned about evolution as a science, and you have to understand evolution if you are going to make ANY progress in biological research. Honestly, I have said this before, I think the theory of evolution is by far one of the MOST, if not the MOST, important theory of all time. If not for evolution, I do not think much of the scientific progress we’ve made today in biology would have been possible. Understanding the link and relationship between different species is way way way more important than most people think!

God, on the other hand, is faith. You would be a fool to try and put God under a microscope, or make a cross-sectional slide of God. You cannot put God, or God’s teaching, into a test tube and mix it with acid hoping it will turn blue. No, that’s not what you do with faith. In other words, if you want to be a faithful person, you will have to learn to find proof some other way.

For me, the proof is in the miracles and love I see in my every day life. Every time I live by the word of God, I see and feel in a way that enhances my faith. But you know, in order to feel the way I do, you have to have faith to begin with…

Anyways, the point is, Science and Faith are two different things. Most people choose to believe one or the other. I believe in both. In my opinion, both is better than either. :P