What is iGoogle?

I don’t know. I just noticed it today on my browser. But if you type in “What is iGoogle?”, in Google, you get this incredibly homophobic page. Can you believe that? It’s Google’s trademark, yet they don’t even have an answer for it.

Since that homophobic page has a top spot on Google, I wondered if I made a page and put “What is iGoogle?” everywhere, if it will get indexed and put to the top.

So here it this. This post is the “What is iGoogle” page and you can see it here. What is iGoogle?. It’s basically this page, the “What is iGoogle” page. If you click on it, you will go back to this page, the “What is iGoogle” page.

Do you really want me to tell you “what is iGoogle?” Ok, here is the answer. “iGoogle” is basically the name of the Google Personalized Homepage. So now that you know “what is iGoogle”, can you believe it? All that brain power at Google, and the only thing they can think of is putting an “i” in front of the word Google? WTF? All that expensive lunch must have gotten into their heads. Also, the “i” is synonymous with Apple, so its may be because “steve jobs” was in the office that day and they asked him for a suggestion. Too bad they didn’t think to make a link to explain What is iGoogle?.

Ok, I am done with this “What is iGoogle” experiment. Bye now.
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