Old people talk too much

Old people, they talk to damn much. By old, I mean anyone over 40. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but that’s the truth. Old people are always trying to be more helpful than they really are. Talking is a way to communicate information. But for SOME old people, it’s a mixture of thinking out loud, disclosing what they know, don’t know, fears, hopes, anxieties, and the whole shabang.

Normally I would not mind that, but talking too much is time consuming and financially costly. We have all experienced this. Just think, how many times has a meeting taken too long because someone talked their head off about some bs that has nothing to do with the main topic? Or how many time have you been late because some loud mouth held you up with some nonesense rambling?

I guess young people do this too, but at least with a young person you can tell them to shut the hell up. But you can’t really tell an old person to shut up.

When I get old, I hope that I don’t become like that. I hope I am one of those cool old men who only talks when they have something wise to say or have some wisdom to part. :idea: