Old people talk too much

Old people, they talk to damn much. By old, I mean anyone over 40. I don’t want to sound like a jerk, but that’s the truth. Old people are always trying to be more helpful than they really are. Talking is a way to communicate information. But for SOME old people, it’s a mixture of thinking out loud, disclosing what they know, don’t know, fears, hopes, anxieties, and the whole shabang.

Normally I would not mind that, but talking too much is time consuming and financially costly. We have all experienced this. Just think, how many times has a meeting taken too long because someone talked their head off about some bs that has nothing to do with the main topic? Or how many time have you been late because some loud mouth held you up with some nonesense rambling?

I guess young people do this too, but at least with a young person you can tell them to shut the hell up. But you can’t really tell an old person to shut up.

When I get old, I hope that I don’t become like that. I hope I am one of those cool old men who only talks when they have something wise to say or have some wisdom to part. :idea:

  • Jamia

    I agree with you.My grandma always chit chat chit chat all day long :? :? :?

  • Andrew Michleski

    Old people!!!
    Ok I have a disabilitie and use
    a service dog that has a vest on. That should answer any questions the old farts at the door to Wal-Mart mite have.
    But no no no they have to get personal
    then try to tell you you aint blind
    you can’t come in here.
    Oh how about the old farts that ask
    you what the hell is wrong with you or
    ask your wife, What is wrong with him you know your husbend. Or this one today
    Hay what is wrong with your husbend is he desised or something.

  • legally tom

    Great ability to generalize. I speak with elders and people with loved ones in abusive nursing homes almost every day as part of my work. <a href="http://www.consumerjusticeg…">Nursing home abuse</a> is rampant in the U.S., partly because we aren’t listening to our elders. You know that awkward moment when someone makes a dead baby joke and someone bursts out in tears because their baby just died? This is one of those moments.

  • Anonska

    I was just on the phone with a rambling 50-something dude. As an experiment I stayed totally silent for 70 seconds to see what would happen. He kept talking. So I started surfing the net and found this.

    And no, it’s not restricted to the folks in nursing care. It’s just rampant among those over 40 whose job doesn’t involve listening.

  • Dick Fraley

    I’m 75 and must avoid 3 people I know around my age who never shut up. To be around them more than 2 minutes becomes mind numbing as they stream from one topic to another and rarely make a point. I asked a friends girlfriend one evening what she thought of a certain movie. Ten minutes later she hadn’t answered my question and continued to talk. I never asked her another question. I psychologist friend told me this mega talking is an actual mental flaw. I believe him.

  • Homemaid

    I found this blog because I was told that I am a good listener; however, I tend to answer questions with an short sweet to the point story (approx…3 min). Although I answered their question, people have commented the useful technique I use to educate while answering them. My question would be to the people who will read this is? Do I talk too much also? Yes I am over 40…..lol.

    Admittedly I too am a people person, but I would like an even conversation and one that when I leave the individual, I am smarter for having heard them.

  • Tree

    maybe its just because the more years you’ve got, the more you’l have to say about somthing. I’d rather talk to an 80 year old with mass’ of experience than a 14 year old who thinks he knows it all. I’m 17.

  • Josh

    They smell of cheese

  • john

    they shit thereself

  • Anya

    I don’t want a fucking four minute explanation of why you’d rather have coffee than tea. I just want to know if you want your fucking coffee.

    And you repeat yourselves constantly.

    “Would you like some coffee?” “Yes, I think I’ll have some coffee. Coffee would be nice.” “Alright.” “Yes, I think I’ll have a cup of coffee.” “Here.” “Mhm, I think imma’ have a cup of coffee. Thanks for the coffee.”

    And you can’t remember anything.

    “Are you going to take the bus or the carpool?”

    4 minutes later

    “Are you going to take the bus or the carpool.”
    “Um. Bus.”

    2 minutes later

    “Are you gonna’ take the bus or the carpool tomorrow?”
    “Don’t get testy with me! I was just asking a question!”

  • Valkyria1

    I totally agree with this…I live around many older neighbors. I HATE running into them at the store, or wherever. They always talk on and on and on……even when I am clearly in a hurry. Are they really that lonely ??  I don’t mind small chit-chat. But they always take it to the next level-  I don’t want to hear the story of your life, for Christ’s sake !!