Hillary and Obama are my friends

On myspace…

I find it absolutely ridiculous presidential candidates are going on myspace. Yes, go to the place on the net where teens post lewd pictures of themselves, and college students parade their beer bong conquest. Not to mention their myspace pictures look stupid. I decided to join the bandwagon and added two of the candidates I would actually vote for: Hillary and Obama.

I am not too crazy about Obama, but I am not sure why. I guess I just don’t like the fact that everyone loves him. Whenever someone is loved by the masses, it means something is wrong with them. That’s a fact of life, tell me one person who is loved by everyone and i’ll tell you why they sucked.

Hillary on the other hand starting to loose her femininity. The thrill of bringing a woman to the white house is that it will bring a change of political decor and perhaps some feminine gentleness. Hillary is more like a political snowplow. Maybe they should take a picture of her holding a baby or gardening to soften her image. :lol:

Please don’t write telling me I am sexist, this is not sexist, I am telling you I wish the white house could become more relaxed, gentleness, and kind….. qualities that is normally possessed by women… Yea.. trust me, I ain’t no sexist, my girl beats my ass all the time. :oops: