Family Feud is STUPID

Why are the people on family feud so f$3CKen stupid. Where do they find those idiots? Do the producers of that show scour the earth for the dumbest family possible and then put them on the show?
They always give the stupidest answer you can think of. Some of their answers don’t even relate to the damn question.

Here is an example:
Question: Name something people cheat on
Dumb f2Ck number 1: Their driver’s test.
Dumb f2ck number 2 from the same family: Game shows.
Dumb f2ck number 3 from a different family: Taking money from their friends.
8O <-- that's my look of utter and complete confusion. Hillshire Farms got the funniest commercial ever. That one commercial with the Asian girl who starts singing to her salad is a classic. If you have not seen it, lucky for you because some folks over at youtube thinks it funny too: WOO!!