Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter

I am feeling kind off right now. I don’t know if it is the new job, the driving two hours back to Davis, the fact that I been away from my girlfriend for two days, or some other season, but I just don’t feel normal. I feel like something happened to me and I am not myself. I feel like I am only a clone of myself. Like one of those people who are dead, but don’t know they are dead and think they are still alive. :?

Anyways, what makes it worse is I am watching this movie called “Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter”. I am not sure what it’s about, but it’s one of those weird Korean flicks. It’s kind of surreal and the action, or lack of action, just seems so strange. What the fuck am I writing about anyways… :?:

You ever have one of those days? It’s not like you are sad, or happy, or anything. Your head is just kind of hazy and you are not sure where you are and what the heck you are doing here… No, not like you are drunk or high… It’s like you should be dreaming, but somehow you are awake…