What is WebMasterWorld?

Have you been to webmasterworld.com ?? I go there whenever I have a question that does not seem to have an answer. The people on there seem very knowledgeable and they collectively have a ton of knowledge regarding all sorts of things. Most important to me is their experience with Pay Per Click marketing and Monetizing websites. I learned a lot from them.

The one thing that really bothers me about that site however is the hideous layout and complicated user interface. If you are not a computer expert, it is nearly impossible to navigate that site. I am starting to think that the complication was purposely build into the forum to keep out intruders or and noobs.

Anyways, the other thing that really bothers me about the site is the lack of information you can find about what is it, or why it is so popular. Try searching “what is webmasterworld” and you will find nothing. In fact, I am writing this thread to make it the first What is webmasterworld thread. Questions to be answered include, where is this place located? who owns it? why it is so popular? when did it begin? and finally, why the ugly design?