It’s the AZN

I was in blockbuster with my GF yesterday, and I told her I wanted to rent an “asian” movie. You know, the type of movies where there are primarily “asian” actors. And I am not just talking about the “Jacky Chan” or the “Jet Li” types. I am talking about the ones where “asian” actors are not playing the typical karate fighting, no girls kissing roles. For example: Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle and Better Luck Tomorrow. It’s actually really sad that I can only name two “asian” movies in American media.

Anyways, my GF said that I was being “closed” minded by limiting myself to “asian” movies. This really pissed me off, and we got into a “semi-argument” ( a semi-argument is half an argument, and half me being upset for no good reason ). But anyways, I was upset because I wanted my GF to understand that I do not think its fair that every day of my life, I NEVER get an opportunity to see myself in the media. The last person I saw on TV that looked like me is the VT killer. That’s really sad.

That is why whenever I go into a movie store, where I have a CHOICE about what to watch, I want to seek out those “asian” movies. On TV, I never get to decide what I want to watch. Every other channel is Paris Hilton, Johnny Depp, and Brad Pitt. So, in the RARE moments that I get to actually CHOOSE what to watch, I want to watch something that appeals to ME!!!

I never said, everyone has to watch “asian” movies. You can watch, whatever you want. But for me, once in a while I would like to see myself on TV!