Michael Vick dog fighting scandal

To be frank with you, I never cared much about animal rights. Of course I wouldn’t hurt an animal for no reason, but you won’t see me protesting for animal rights any time soon. This is probably because I grew up in Vietnam, a country where hunger dictates the association animals = food. You’d be dead if you think differently…

My girlfriend on the other end, is the opposite. She cares a lot for animals. She has told me numerous stories of coming to the rescue of injured animals. One time she picked up an injured bird and turned it into the SPCA. Me, I would have thrown it back in the tree and let it tough it out.

I admire what my gf does, because she is genuine about it. She doesn’t do it for credit or glory, she does it because she cares. This will be good for when we have kids. :)

But anyways, the point of my comment is related to this whole Michael Vick incident. He getting a$$ rap3d by the media for his crimes. People are using this opportunity to trash him and drag his reputation through the mud. But I beg to ask the question, is this really necessary? and more importantly, is all this rage genuine?

The people who are buying Vick dog toys, or using Vick jerseys as bedding for their dogs, do they really care about animals rights? Or are they just buying into the hype? I swear, some of them are just doing it because they don’t like the Falcons…

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am NOT condoning his actions, but at the same time, I don’t think what he did deserves to be paraded around by the media either. For me personally, I find it more disgusting when celebrities drive drunk and gets away with it.