Isleton Crawfish Festival Sucks

How the hell do you call something a festival, if you only got ONE booth selling crawfish?

What’s worst, the crawfish they sold there sucked ass. It was flavorless, expensive, and not fresh.

I am not one of those once-in-a-while crawfish people. I love crawfish. I eat crawfish almost once a week, ever since they opened one up in Sacramento. So I was extremely disappointed at how lame the Isleton Crawfish Festival was.

Let me repeat that again… The Isleton crawfish festival SUCKS!!! DO NOT GO TO IT.

Maybe Sacramento should have a Crawfish festival? I would love to try different styles of crawfish, or just have an all out blast of unless crawfish eating.


  • Chris

    It was allright, if you were looking to drink and listen to zydeco music. but it’s really a carnivale with some crawfish. They also sold alligator, so maybe next year they call it an alligator fair.

  • Deso

    You are right, it sucked soooooo bad. Being from Louisiana, where we eat crawfish regularly, this was just plain awful. We folks don’t eat “garlic” crawfish – what the heck was that??? Try Zatarin’s to flavor your crawfish – then you will have something really good. Try boiling “fresh” crawfish in Zatarin seasoning, include some corn, potatoes and smoked sausage. Then I’ll think about coming back.

  • Qt

    Thx for the tip!!. I’m from New Orleans and would have been hella piss off when I got there.

  • Cheryl

    2008’s Crawfish Festival was awful. My whole family have been coming to the festival for at least 10 years. The town was the festival and it was great. Whoever thought of the location and set-up of June, 2008 festival needs not to be the committee. Put the festival back to the way it allways been. And, YES, last years crawfish was a terrible. Get it right!!!!

  • Anonymous

    ” I eat crawfish almost once a week, ever since they opened one up in Sacramento.”

     HUH ??  Ever since they opened “one” WHAT ???   One crawfish ?

    “Maybe Sacramento should have a Crawfish festival?”

    That is NOT a question, it is a STATEMENT.  It should end with a period, NOT question mark.

  • Oakley

    It’s a town with a population of 1000. What did you expect dumbass?