Santa Cruz Mystery Spot

The biggest mystery about the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot is why there were so many Indians there…
Indians from India, not Native Americans…

Seriously, the entire place was PACKED with Indians… I have never seen so many Indians in one place before.
Is there like a special buzz going around the Indian community about the Mystery Spot or something???

I got nothing against Indian people. In fact, I like Indian people, they are so multifaceted. They do all sorts of things, and they are smart. But it’s a mystery to me why they all wanted to congregate at the Mystery Spot.

  • vishal Rana

    well i am also indian but i have never been to mystery spot before. but since the day i heard about this place, i feel very excited visiting this place.
    and let me tell you that, i have never nor did my parents , heard abt this place before untill one of my friends told me about it.