Why is the Lowes website always down?

Dear Sys Admin of Lowes.com,

Can you please fix the damn site. That shit is always lagging, or down. You are making me want to go to Home Depot!

Great site, solid features, but damn, just about every time I’ve wanted to browse your sites for products, it is dragging, or displaying system errors. Come on guys.


Incompetent DIYer.

  • Marcus

    IT’s down again now!

  • Guest

    They’re down now on the eve of Black Friday!!! Somebody in the front office needs to kick their IT dept in shape!

  • Jeffx

    down again now!

  • TaReX

    and AGAIN now

  • Jaybhai784

    Down again today… bad timing to not give people online access. What if I wanted to give grandma a garbage disposal for Christmas!?

  • Matticus Minimus

    Wow. Going on 6 months of unreliability.

    Is it now actually reliable? As in reliably down?

  • down


  • Tstm

    WTF? It is down again. I wanted to check to see if they had some tile in stock. Maybe I will just go to HD instead. :-(

  • Deusexmachina

    Down again and was down not long ago for me, too. When this happens, I just shop at Depot. Never had a problem with their site! Funny how one cannot contact Lowe’s when the site is having problems, either. I think they need a new webmaster. What a joke!

  • Phoebsburg

    Lowes just lost $300 because their website wasn’t working today!

  • Msvoltaire

    down again today. 5-7-11. really how can one site be down so often.

  • Tyler

    Down again today, going to HD

  • Gonecustomer

    Damndest thing is, they really don’t give a fuck because look at the way the run things… shame. No wonder we buy China stuff.

  • Dan

    Down again…

  • Rdphoton

    Still down – this sort of pathetic service cannot happen in this day and age if you want to keep customers happy.

  • Ryan

    Rather than fix their performance issues, the now implemented a “wait in line feature”… Not a solid fix guys.

  • Chris

    It’s down again. Who ever takes care of their website should be fired! 

  • Anonymous

    Down again.  I was in the middle of purchasing about $1K in AC units when I recieved the dreaded -520 system error, then the site went down.  I called customer service.  They didn’t even know it was down until I told them.  It’s been down for 4 hours now.  Off to HD I go…  You blew it Lowes, big time. 

  • Whodat

    5/19/11, 9:51.  Can’t search, can’t get past the home page.  I didn’t realize how bad this site was until I see all the prior posts..

  • Debluvsto

    A year later and their web site is still not working properly…

  • Tychew

    and again tonight!!!!!

  • Ricky

    down again

  • Bill

    Down yesterday, now down again. Really? Hire someone who knows what the hell tey are doing! Let the janitor go back to cleaning the restrooms already.

  • Feemsterc

    down 9/19/11 @ 11:10 pm est

  • Johnboy

    down again.

  • Kddk2

    down again on Black friday eve, wow i wonder how much money they lost

  • Not High on Lowes

    LISTEN!…Do you hear that sound?…it’s ME clicking on over to The Home Depot…BECAUSE this site is ALWAYS DOWN!

    Damn…WTF…how much money are they losing this very second….my $1000 just went elsewhere!!

  • Naryb

    Placed my order online Thanksgiving night. Entered my credit card number. Site crashed. No order confirmation page – nothing. Called GE Moneybank (# on back of Lowe’s card) – they confirmed the purchase amount DID go through & was on my card. Went into store the next day, showed ID, they called up my order in the system, they brought my items out, asked if I needed help carrying them out & with loading. I said no, but do I need to sign something? He said no – you’re ready to go – so I went. One week later, I get a call that my order is ready for pick up at Lowe’s. I tell them I already have my order & I explain what happened. The person thanked me & hung up. Another week, another call that my order is ready. Again I explained what happened. Another apology from the caller. Now, after a third call (they left a message) that my order is ready, I think I’m just going to go in & pick the order up – after all, it’s paid for & they still show it open. If they didn’t have me sign anything, & I’ve told them twice I already have the order, & they are still calling me to come pick it up, then maybe I deserve a duplicate order on the house – I’m tired of explaining it, & they’re apparently too lazy and/or stupid to take care of it.