The Curse of Furniture

Unfortunately I’ve witness to many “moving” events, both personally and professionally, and I have come to the conclusion that moving furniture is a horrible waste of time and resources.

Unlike my wife, who insists on hoarding tons of heavy furniture and knick-knacks, I hate owning anything that I can not pick up with my bare hands (and trust me, I can’t pick up alot ;)).

I find it absurdly annoying that people, especially in offices, desire to have heavy wooden furniture that barely fits through doors, let alone carry down the stairs or shove into an elevator.

What is the benefit of owning big heavy furniture? Why can’t you just put your crap into a box so it would be easily portable?

Also, with the invention of computer technology, cloud storage, etc… why do we even need to keep files and folders around?

Having furniture to store shit is an archaic practice and we should stop going down that road.