Daniel Ellsberg

The other day I caught an amazing documentary about the Pentagon Papers and Watergate.

Most Dangerous Man in America

Without knowing much about the man, other than what I learned in this documentary, I have to add Daniel Ellsberg to my list of heroes. I don’t want to explain the story here because I suck at retelling stories, so I urge you to just watch the movie. But here are a couple of revelations I had

  1. Its amazing to me that the government has think-tanks like the Rand Corporation to do risk calculations for things like war. Its weird to think that we analyze war similar to how wallstreet investors analyze their investment portfolio.
  2. Even though Ellsberg thought the documents he released were important enough to risk his life/career on, no one cared. America kept moving along like business as usual. If it was not for Watergate, Daniel Ellsberg would probably be in prison or dead.
  3. Today we have Wikileaks releasing government secrets much like Daniel Ellsberg did. Again no one cares. Again they call the whistleblower “terrorist” and “traitor”.

The timing of this documentary  release and the events at wikileaks seems so perfectly aligned it feels like a conspiracy. I urge you to watch this movie and learn a bit about the amazing history of real American heroes doing all they can to protect us from the tyranny of our own government.