Your Breakthrough Hour

Today I saw something on Sunday morning televangelist TV that I thought was just absolutely appalling.


If you look at their website, you will notice that they are soliciting a donation, or whatever the heck it is, for absolutely nothing.

I saw a couple minutes of the video, and looked at their website, and I am completely confused what exactly they are selling. I think it’s something to do with a “seed”.

Why is this kind of programming allowed on TV?

  • Jncll1

    They are asking for payment to pray for you, saying they will plant a seed for you in God garden

  • Kingdingaling

    This shit should be illegal. If anyone is dumb enough to give them money they deserve to be dirt broke

  • Discerning

    This is a scam!  This Cootz guy is a charlatan.

  • Paula

    I just saw this pig on late night tv (you know, when most of the people still up are miserable, lonely, and desperate) and I wanted to vomit. What a terrible piece of scum. There is nothing this man will do for you that an actual church won’t do FOR FREE. Filthy filthy hideous monster.

  • True love of God.

    This is nothing but a scam, they prey on the elderly and the people who are in dire need. They try to tell you that God will listen to you only if you sow a seed and he will grant you a bountiful harvest. The only harvesting that’s going on is the harvesting of your wallet ! God will always be there for you, all you need to do is believe and trust in him, God doesn’t always grant things but there is a reason for that. Always remember that when God close’s a door he opens a new one!

  • Amy Winn

    If you want to know where your hard earned “seed” is going – it’s for an oil change in this bastard’s bentley, or perhaps some plastic surgery for his wise. (remember Tammy Fay) Please don’t fall for this guy. I too had a problem recently and St. Vincent DePaul reached out and gave me a “seed” and helped me. They were truthful and honnest and not greedy scammers. I wonder if the IRS knows about all this “seed money”.

  • Amy Winn

    PLEASE DO NOT GIVE TO THESE PEOPLE!!!! Take your hard earned “seed” and pay your bills and buy some groceries. They are not going to do anything for you. They cannot send you a miracle with 273.00. Anyone can pray, and it’s FREE.

  • Amy Winn

    I hope that someone has the connections or strength to stop this man. Where is this money going? Does he have god’s address? No – but I’ll bet he has a big bank account.

  • Amy Winn

    Everyone that sees through this thief should keep posting comments so that they appear higher up on the web search. I will do my part in trying to expose the scam of this guy asking for “seeds” to plant in his garden of abundance, Where is the money?

  • Jalyn Morrison

    I love you jesus

  • Jalyn Morrison

    I love your breakthrogh hour