I wasn’t supposed to ever feel this way again. I wasn’t supposed to ever be back here again. Have you ever opened your eyes, but the only things you see is the pounding of your chest? Time for beer? No, not today, I dont even think the fury of alcohol can quench this burning. Now… Continue reading blurred

More brain juice

I think its time I seriously look into going to grad school. I want to at least get a master’s if not a PhD. I just finished looking at the ucdavis school of ecology, and it looks like they are number one! Dang, me getting into UC Davis ecology group is like me trying to… Continue reading More brain juice

over the rainbow

Damnit, I’ve been neglecting my blog. No time to write in it anymore. Uyen you are taking all my time! Haha. ok ok, I admit, I enjoy it :). Falling/being in love is a wierd state of being. In one hand you try to be the most affection and loving mate that you can be,… Continue reading over the rainbow

beach at night

That’s what the beach kinda looks like at 4 in the morning. All you can really see is the white of crashing waves moving ashore… I am not sure how much I want to reveal here, but there is going to be a lot of changes in my life starting today. Its finally time to… Continue reading beach at night