did someone break a mirror?

It’s not easy watching the toughest person you know lay helplessly on a hospital bed. It’s even harder to think that if it werent for some plastic tubing, they’d be nine feet under. :? I googled “stroke” and that’s the picture I got. I been to the hospital three times already in the last 12… Continue reading did someone break a mirror?

23 years and counting…

23 years into my life and still I am still penniless. For my job I have to drive around a lot to these remote locations, so on the way I see a lot of land…after land… after land.. just open grass areas or farm land.. so I been reading this book “collapsed” and it makes… Continue reading 23 years and counting…

too much

So thats not just a pretty flower to showcase my feminine side, its actually an invasive water primose called “Ludwigia” that we are currently studying at the Aquatic Weed Research lab that I work for. :lol: We’d go out to selected invaded sites and collect these little buggers by either walking into the water or… Continue reading too much

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trouble in paradise

Giving in. How much are you supposed to give in without loosing yourself? Technically it’s not ok to be stubborn and always demand your way, but then again, it’s not right to just give in all the time. The problem is, if you don’t give all you can, you will be blamed for not giving… Continue reading trouble in paradise


So i typed “tired” into google and thats what I get. I am fucking tired as hell, havent slept a normal 8 hour night in a long time. I thought after college, sleeping would become a normal routine, but I guess not. I am so tired, my pupils are dilated, and I can’t barely see… Continue reading Tired

Self Improvement

Thats a picture of us at point reyes. I think. Its a nice picture, but for some reason it reminds me of a T.V. commercial. After talking with Uyen about how to become a better person/boyfriend, she has, so far, pointed out three things I needed to change/improve about myself. Funny, that all of these… Continue reading Self Improvement

I am neurotic

Uyen told me I am neutoric, and its true. Here are all the neurotic characteristics that I have. (the picture is a result of the google image saerch “neurotic”, i am not sure how this picture relates to neurotic personality, but it is an awe inspiring painting) i don’t like the idea that I am… Continue reading I am neurotic

sorry baby

Ok, I owe my lady an apology for the last post. :lol: She always makes me feel stupid for being mad. 8) “it’s good to dream, but don’t take any shortcuts.” some of the most inspiring words i’ve heard in a long time. and guess what? it’s from a wierd HK movie on the AZN… Continue reading sorry baby


My girlfriend is annoying. Ok, if you are Uyen, then “Uyen you are annoying.” I can proclaim this here guilt free becuase she knows I still love her, and this is my website, so you can’t do jack about it. But honestly, it’s 9:11 AM and her lazy ass is still sleeping. I am a… Continue reading Annoying

whats going on??

So last weekend I went to chaperone a camping trip at sly park. My cabin had 14 middle school kids, most were 6th grades except for 4 7th graders. The 7th graders were from oakland, they were good kids, ok only ONE of them was a good kid, and the other three were a pain… Continue reading whats going on??